Fido Broadband

- Promotion for Startups

At Fido.Net we know how difficult it can be to get your new business off the ground, and we want to help where we can!

We already offer Free Web Hosting to enable you to get your website live and start to send/receive emails at next to no cost. Upgrade to one of our low cost hosting plans as your business expands and grows, safe in the knowledge that no matter how large you become Fido can cater for your needs.

Added to this, we're now also offering FREE BROADBAND for 6 months, half price installation and throwing in a free Wifi router as well as a £50 Google Adwords voucher to help you start to promote your business online and make those all important sales!

Now with Double Bandwidth on certain plans

Monthly Fee
Bandwidth Allowance
Upload Speed
Download Speed
ASA Guideline Speed *

Low User 16
£15  £0
upto 1 Mbit
upto 16 Mbit
£ 100 £ 50
15 Mbits
Basic 40
£25 £0
 50GB 100 GB
upto 10 Mbit
upto 40 Mbit
£ 100 £ 50
39 Mbits
Standard 80
£35 £0
100GB 200 GB
upto 20 Mbit
upto 80 Mbit
£ 100 £ 50
77 Mbits
Enhanced 80
£55 £0
250GB 500 GB
upto 20 Mbit
upto 80 Mbit
£ 100 £ 50
77 Mbits

In addition to our special £50 Adwords voucher deal to help you promote your new business, included with every Fido DSL are a free FidoTalk SIP account, and free online storage.

Superfast Fido Broadband - make the most of the local exchange upgrades in your area to benefit from Fiber-Optic Broadband (the very same technology as BT Infinity™ v2) on our reliable business orientated service network.

Special Offer terms and conditions