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Using Parallels Management Console to Manage Processes
Posted by Patrick Tomlin on 27 October 2010 01:41 PM
Using Parallels Management Console to Manage Processes

In Parallels Management Console, you can view those processes that are currently running on the Hardware Node and inside Containers. To display the processes, click the Hardware Node name where you want to monitor processes, and then select Monitor > Processes. The list of the Host OS or Container OS processes should appear in the right pane.

The column names and their description are presented in the table below:
Column name                      Description
pid                                       The identifier of the process.
%cpu                                   The CPU time, in percent, used by the process.
pri                                        The kernel scheduling priority for the process. A higher value stands for a higher process priority.
rss                                        The number of pages guaranteed to remain in the physical memory (not to be dumped to the page file).
time                                     The total CPU time the process has used, in the hh/mm/ss format.
user                                      The user who has launched the process.
ctid                                      The ID of the Container where the process is running.
command                            The command that has invoked the process.

To view the processes inside a Container, select the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers item in the Management Console left pane, double-click on the corresponding Container in the right pane, and select Monitor > Processes in the displayed window.
You can send different signals to processes by right-clicking a process and selecting the corresponding signal on the context menu.

Note: You can also manage Container processes using Parallels Virtual Automation. For more information on this web-based tool, see the Parallels Virtual Automation Administrator's Guide at
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