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Why is a VPS better than a shared hosting environment?
Posted by Jon Morby (Import) on 02 March 2007 10:58 PM

Root Access

You can control every aspect of your virtual server without the restrictions caused by there being other "shared" customers on the same server


Unlike shared hosting, our Virtual Servers are not just limited to web hosting. You can use a VPS as a streaming media server, a games server, mail or file server, a database server, or any combination of these.


Your server can run it's own dedicated and protected mail service. Each VPS account has its own private mail server. This allows eliminates the risk that your mail service will be blacklisted due to abuses of others sharing the same mail service. It also allows you to configure your anti-spam measures as you prefer.


Our VPS servers are built with performance in mind! Our "entry level" VPS servers are dual 3Ghz Xeon CPU's (with HyperThreading), 8 Gigabytes of RAM and over 1 TeraByte of High Performance Serial ATA drives (faster than SCSI).

How do I know the VPS server will not be overloaded and run slowly?

Our technicians monitor the performance of the servers in Real Time 24x7x365 to ensure that our servers are NEVER max'd out. Our management software allows us to seemlessly move a customer's Virtual Private Server (VPS) from one cluster to another to ensure we can balance the load across our servers. It is our goal that all our customers are satisfied, and this is why we guarantee you'll never be stuck on a slow server.

What if I out grow my VPS and need a dedicated server?

We can migrate you from a Virtual Server environment to a fully dedicated solution seemlessly. Contact our sales team for more details

What about backups?

Using our web based control panel you have full control over backups and can run them when ever you want.

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