Basic Internet from Fido – Traditional Shared Broadband but at 100 Mbit up and down


BDX Basic

100 Mbit internet

Fido BDX Basic provides 100Mbit shared internet service - ideal for small offices and startups. Starting from just £25/mo this is the ideal solution for small studios

Not Sure?  Limited Budget?

Basic Internet from just £20 per month

  • 100 Mbit contended service (50:1)
  • 99.5% uptime guarantee
  • No Download Limits!
  • /29 as standard (6 IP Addresses)
  • IPv6 Ready
  • Ideal for small offices
  • Installed in under 5 days
  • Low Latency
  • Friendly and Intelligent Support
  • 3 month minimum contract, 1 month notice there after
  • Delivered over Single Mode fibre
  • Connect into the Brighton Digital Exchange at 1Gig or 10Gig

Compare our lead times

SupplierAverage InstallAvg Download SpeedAvg Upload SpeedAvg Cost
Fido 50:12-3 DAYS100 Mbit100 Mbit£25 pcm
Fido 1:11-2 DAYS100 Mbit100 Mbit£175 pcm
BT Broadband2-3 weeks2 Mbit0.25 Mbit£23 pcm
BT Infinity2-3 weeks67 Mbit2 Mbit£25 pcm
Virgin1-2 weeks100 Mbit10 Mbit£35 pcm
Leased Line3-4 months100 Mbit100 Mbit£650 pcm