Emergency Service VoIP Access

Fido Telecom shall make reasonable endeavours to convey Emergency Calls to a BT Emergency Centre, from where they will be handed over to an Emergency Organisation by BT. Where appropriate; Fido Telecom shall provide BT with an indicator that a call is a VoIP originated Emergency Call.


Fido Telecom shall enable the Customer to submit address or location information with respect to its end users to the BT Emergency Centre database.


The Service shall only be available for access by persons using a telephone number conforming to the National Telephone Numbering Plan and originating from a calling party located in the mainland UK. The Service cannot be used by callers from the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.


VoIP originated Emergency Calls may have to pass over the public internet where they will not receive the same network priority or quality assurance as an Emergency Call made on a mobile network or on a circuit-switched fixed line.


The VoIP application requires a power source and enabled internet connection to make 999 calls.



Where a call is rejected and forwarded to a third party  24 hour Emergency Services Operator (due to missing or invalid data being submitted to Fido Telecom) for additional validation, Fido Telecom will charge £40 per call.

All rates and charges are exclusive of VAT