Business Sectors

FidoNet cater for a number of vertical markets and our team are experts in each sector – providing quality service and passionate support that meets the discerning needs of the market.

Legal and Professional Services

For Legal and Professional Services time really is money and they need immediate response, and fast fix.  Services need to be resilient and redundant, and most of all they need to be cost effective.

Coupled with our 100% uptime guarantee on our core network, we work closely with all of our partners to ensure any services we provide are done so in a robust and measured fashion to ensure that should the worst happen there is always a back plan in place ready to go.


The gaming industry needs high speed, low latency services delivered in a quick and flexible style.  Needing to always be ahead of the curve, FidoNet are able to deliver with our low latency MPLS core delivering services on time when needed across Europe.

Financial and Government Sectors

Both Finance and Government have strict regulatory requirements which FidoNet act as an enabler to ensure targets are met.  Low latency, high availability and 24×7 support are all key with rapid response and 2 hour SLAs mean our Government and Finance Sector clients are able to concentrate on their core business.

Utilising our MPLS core and 24×7 uptime guarantees mean that no matter which sector your business is in, we have the skills and the tools to deliver.