IP Transit

Fido.Net’s IP Transit Services offers a suite of flexible transit services that operate over our native IPv4 / IPv6 IP network.

Fido.Net is a member of some of the worlds top Internet exchanges, routing customers traffic as directly as possible and delivering consistently high performance.  In addition we also have multiple diverse upstream connections enabling us to offer exceptional resilient performance on a global basis.

We offer you the choice of two IP Transit services; Global Transit, which is an IP Transit service advertising routes to all Internet destinations, and Euro Transit, which advertises a partial routing table of Fido.Net’s direct customers and peers.  Our IP Transit Services include a complete range of port and access types, billing options, service features, on-line tools and reports, backed by tough Service Level Agreements.

When you combine the power of our IP network, the scalability and reach, reliability and robustness, and service features, it is clear that our customers receive a premium IP service.