FidoNet provide a number of telephony services using “VoIP” technologies.


These services are provided by FidoNet Registration Services Ltd, Palladium House, 1-4 Argyll Street, London, W1F 7LD

Emergency Services

Generally access to 999 services are available following completion of an Emergency Services access agreement.  By default access to 999 is not provided on VoIP terminated services.  This is due to the requirement for all numbers to be registered to a physical address which in the case of VoIP requires an Emergency Services Access agreement to be completed.

More details on Emergency Services access can be found in the following FAQ

Access Provisions

Services are provided on a pre-pay basis unless otherwise agreed.  If a customer requires post-pay billing, that customer undertakes responsibility for all calls made on their account how so-ever made.

Customers remain liable for all charges incurred on their accounts and take responsibility to ensure that their accounts and login details are kept secret.  Customers also undertake to ensure the security of their network and communications equipment by use of firewalls and other security appliances.

Quality of Service

FidoNet undertake to provide services on a best efforts basis.  The nature of VoIP is such that it requires connections to traverse 3rd party networks and as such the reliability of these networks are outside of FidoNet’s control.  FidoNet does however undertake to ensure all reasonable precautions are made to ensure service is provided but cannot be held responsible for any interruption to service caused by 3rd party failures.

Customer Support

FidoNet operate support services during normal business hours.  Out of hours we provide a best efforts support response.  Customers can usually expect a response within 4 hours during the normal working day rising to 8 hours outside of normal working hours.  It may be possible to purchase an enhanced SLA contract to shorten these response times in case of mission critical services.

Minimum Contract Terms

Unless otherwise specified or agreed, services are provided for a minimum of 12 months.  Customers undertake to provide at least 30 days notice of any termination following the 12 month initial term.  For the avoidance of doubt, if a contract minimum term expires and a customer continues with the service by paying the month 13 invoice, the service will  have been considered to have been renewed by that customer.


Price Tariffs

Our standard tariff can be found on the FidoTalk website.  Wholesale rates are available upon request and are subject to a monthly minimum spend.


Termination and Porting

Should an end user request to port their service away from FidoNet at the end of the current contract period, a charge will be made for administration and processing of the port and termination of associated services.  Prices for ports (inbound and outbound) can be found in our knowledge base.

Notice of termination is required at least 30 days in advance of any renewal to facilitate sufficient time for services to be modified or ceased and upstream providers notified.