About Fido Firebrick

World IPv6 Launch

World IPv6 Launch

Firebrick design and manufacture sophisticated, highly flexible network products, with a field-tested record for reliability and security.

Having sold their first firewall in 1998,  Firebrick have gone on to sell thousands more, worldwide, and have built a reputation for delivering high-performance network appliances that are dependable, capable and cost-effective.

Fido Firebricks are built in the UK and are easy to integrate into existing company networks. There are now a range of different models from 100Mb/s router/firewall (FB2500) for small offices to gigabit DSL backhaul termination boxes for internet providers. The FB2500 and FB2700 are available in different bundles to suit every need, and can be quickly upgraded.

Should you ever need assistance, expert support is just a phone call or email away.



FB2500 Base £ 350 Buy Now
FB2700 Base £ 500 Buy Now
FB2500 Fully Loaded £ 600 Buy Now
FB2700 Fully Loaded £ 750 Buy Now