We provide our Broadband and FTTC services using the BT Wholesale network in partnership with Enta.Net

Due to the nature ADSL works BT Wholesale do not guarantee that a line will have 100% uptime. The cost of ADSL to end users is so low that there is no uptime guarantee included in any ADSL based services we offer. If for any reason you are having problems we will liaise with BT Wholesale to get you back up and running as soon as possible. BT Wholesale do not operate a “fix within xx days” policy and as such do not offer any compensation for any downtime occurred.

If you require a Premium service, we offer a guaranteed response and fix time at a small additional charge.

There are two elements to this service. Firstly you must have BT Total Care on your telephone line. This ensures you receive the same SLA from BT with respect to a telephone line fault. We can then place “Enhanced Care” on the data portion of the service. The additional charge is £12.50+vat per month.

Enhanced Care provides a Service Level Agreement from BT Wholesale with respect to how they handle fault reports on an ADSL service.

Enhanced Care offers a 4 hour response time from the initial fault being logged, with a 20 clock hour to totally clear the fault.

The ‘Response Time’ is BT’s commitment to act on the fault reported either by running tests or allocating resource. This does not guarantee a clear only that the fault reported will be actioned.

In the event that a fix is not completed within 20 hours, as specified above, compensation can be claimed (in writing) with the amount of compensation being 50% of the monthly service charge.

Claims will not be entertained by BT if access to the premises is required to investigate or rectify the fault and is not granted by the owner.