Leased Line services from Fido.Net offer dedicated connectivity and the reassurance of market leading service level guarantees to customers that are unable to access our cheaper EtherReachâ„¢ services.

Leased Line is a term used for any dedicated bandwidth service delivered over a leased fibre connection. Leased Lines have potential bandwidth above 1Gb and can carry over distances up to 35km from our network, providing high speed, uncontended Internet connection. They tend to have a higher cost structure because of the dependency on the fibre loop, but can be a suitable option for corporate customers who are located further away from their local exchange, or who have requirements for very high bandwidth (over 40Mb).

Fido.Net leased line services benefit from the same 24×7 network monitoring and customer support as our EtherReachâ„¢ products, with 99.9% service availability guaranteed. As such they are a designed for the needs of businesses that require a highly reliable, always-on, fixed bandwidth connection to transport data, Internet or voice traffic.


An option for customers outside the extensive reach of our cheaper EtherReachâ„¢ products

Corporate-grade dedicated connectivity

  • Scalable bandwidth up to 10 Gig
  • 1:1 contention ratio
  • 99.9% uptime assurance
  • 4 hour respond-and-repair time
  • Delivered nationwide over fiber
  • 24×7 network monitoring and customer support
  • Free bandwidth statistics
  • DSL fail over and back-up options
  • Dual Resilient Feed options for 100% uptime guarantee