fidoTalk Wholesale

Wholesale SIP Trunks from Fido Telecom Ltd – Replace your telephone lines with a cheaper, more flexible alternative from just £1.50 per month!

  • High quality business voice with low latency calls at very low rates (UK Landline just 1p, Mobiles from 6p).  Price list here
  • Resilience built in with multiple inbound and outbound carriers
  • Web Based billing – view your calls and bill in real time!
  • Geographic and Non Geographic DDIs available, provisioned in minutes
  • Number Porting from all major service providers (BT, Cable & Wireless, Gamma)
  • Standards based so works with all vendors and platforms (Cisco, Asterisk, Avaya, FreePBX, FireBrick, Trixbox, etc)
  • Technical Support by Telephone, Email and / or Live Chat 24 x 7
  • Minimum call spend £500 pcm to qualify for wholesale pricing.  Retail Product also available

Why Choose Fido for SIP Trunks?

  • Low risk, Fido have been providing SIP and IAX trunks since 2004 (That’s 8+ years of experience!)
  • Expert Support
  • Low Cost calls and Service Fees
  • Instant Activation
  • Experience of a wide variety of PBX systems and phones
  • Porting from all major carriers
  • Support for Emergency Services over VoIP (999 calls)*


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