Happy New Year

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Happy New Year from Everyone at FidoNet

2013 is already under way and we are starting to see customers playing catchup on those projects they delayed from last year for all sorts of reasons, from the recession through to the Mayan calendar “end of the world” scenario, that was just as big a non event as the Y2K myth!


No sooner are we all back at work though than the snow starts and businesses already start to suffer. What was the cost to your business of Friday’s snow day?  How will you cope with another 2-3 days of disruption?


I bet your phones were quiet, sales enquiries were low and probably just as well as your staff were unable to get into the office. Those who did make it in were then sent home early because as always, the wrong kind of snow on the lines and the trains and buses all gave up the ghost.


There is a better way, and a way that you can empower your staff to work remotely – or that you can manage the business remotely while you’re taking a well earned break.


I’ve previously blogged about how we can make the Cloud work for you.



Well this month I’ve blogged about how the massive disruption the UK experienced due to the snow on Friday had absolutely no impact on our offices, despite the fact 80-90% of our staff were snowed in and would have found it difficult to make it into the office had we not already planned for such contingencies.


If you want to free your business from the shackles of the fixed telephony or IT systems, then talk to FidoNet today and we will help set you free! The cost savings of not needing such a large office, or having to maintain an antiquated telephone system (no more maintenance contracts, leasing arrangements, tired old kit, out dated software, annual Software update payments and so forth).


Fido’s Cloud Solutions bring you the latest software licenses, the latest operating systems and the best cost saving techniques without all the hassles.


Interested? (Well who wouldn’t be interested in saving money and getting the latest proven tech?)


Contact our sales team and find out how we can help your business.